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Why your business needs a cutting edge website.

In this article, we discuss why every company, business (small or big) or organization needs an online presence. Recent research shows that nearly all online consumers, 97% use online media when researching products and services even if the purchase is made offline. Now! What does that mean for you the business owner or enterprise? It means more than ever being online matters. This research status shows critical time for connecting with potential customers, but many businesses cannot be found online. In fact in East Africa basically Uganda, many small and even big businesses do not have a website at all or even a social media page.

If your business is not among that large percentage, what stopped you from creating a website? Maybe your business has plenty of customers, maybe you do not sell anything (you don’t have a product or service). On your mind why should you bother? A website can help potential customers find your business, store locations and hours of operation under telephone number or e-mail address, more about your products and services, read reviews and testimonials from customers which can help establish your potential credibility and learn about special offers and promotions (this is good practice).
This information can help even the smallest most locally based business connect with more customers online. Check your website when you’re open for business and also get in touch faster and quicker. Your business website is open twenty four seven. There are a number of people in Uganda even celebrities with more than 1 million Facebook followers or verified pages on social media. Do you know how you would leverage that to earn an extra dollar? Or a one stop center for all your gigs and promotions? Even NGOs (non-Government organizations) functioning without a website? Do you know how many people or how much people or companies invest in charity? Simple trick even dog lovers are willing to donate or give charity to dog shelters. The good thing, you’re reading this.

Here are our Web Design Services
Here are a few things to think about before creating a website;
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • How comfortable are you with the computer in teaching yourself new technology based skills?
  • How often do you update or change your website content?

To be honest with you, there are a variety of free and paid website services for getting your business online fast, they may give you a library of designs (APIs) to choose from and these include;

  • Tools that you can use to edit your website easily
  • You can even use these services to build an e-commerce or an online shop (website for selling products online), even a personal profile(CV website/resume website).
  • Now, here comes the paid services. If you don't have the time to do it yourself or if you prefer something more professional or customized. Consider hiring a web site developer.

In the end, you want a website for your personal portfolio, organization, product or service and you’re also excited to share with customers, friends, fellowships and donors. One option of having a website is Nambobi Web application development services. Also in partnership with an army of creative Designers, Developers and digital marketers. We provide free website design consultation and 100$ website to small businesses through our get Startup online program. And here is what you get;

  • A professional static website (4 pages)
  • Free Domain name
  • web cpanel hosting for six months
  • Free tools resources.
  • We be your webmaster for one year. Happy!
Let’s wrap up this article with your action. If you liked this article, feel free to contact me or comment and share this page, Number one rule of thumb, make sure potential customers know your website exists, promote your site everywhere you can including the sign in your store and business cards ,on company vehicles , product boxes containers and shopping bag , estimates, invoices and receipts , as the newspapers magazines and direct mail, email signatures and when you feel your business needs a bump also try ad networks like AD words to promote yourself online. I will continue covering these topics in more detail in upcoming articles, this will help put other business ideas into action thanks for writing. People no longer like reading.


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