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ICTs & Green Skills

Adopting ICTs and Green Skills in teaching and learning: BTVET in Uganda

This book is about Adopting ICTsand Green skills In Teaching & Learning which is published and sold by Amazon with its partners. I will show you the abstract and link to the book for purchase and review.

" In this book we document the background against which Business, Technical, Vocation ,Education and Training (BTVET) is assembled in Uganda, this includes the current education and career path for students , the rank of BTVET in education system, and the significance of BTVET education to Uganda. This may in one way or the other act as a blue print to developing country with similar features like Uganda .
We follow it by an overview of adopting ICT in BTVET, learning theories and supporting technologies , trends of technology use in BTVET, ICT supported environment and areas in BTVET that need adoption of ICT in chapter 2. In the same chapter a framework , challenges and support needed for integrating ICT in BTVET has been presented.
In chapter 3, an overview of ICT media and resource development for BTVET has been elaborated. In details, how to choose media and resources for training, creating resources using ADDIE model, challenges for media development and how they are used to achieve BTVET training has been documented. In chapter 4, a closer look on blended learning has been presented. In particular we have provided literature on why blended learning for BTVET is a necessity especially in a country which is still at a low end of ICT maturity like Uganda. In the same chapter an ecosystem and types of blended learning for BTVET has been documented. In chapter 5, the concept of green has been presented. In particular we propose Green BTVET reforms, green energy and resource utilization strategy in BTVET institution in Uganda."

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