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Big Data

Effective Data Mining tools for your products and services.

In this today’s world of competitive market and businesses, individual firms need information at a right time in order to make good business decisions. The information used for decision making is desired from both structured, semi structured and unstructured data available in the firm, and also for data that is available externally that is to say social media, mobile messages, search trends.
This information available at the right time awakens competitive advantage for the firms and this is where big data comes in to its role. Nambobi big data services uses big data tools to address business problems with so much attention to Customer Behavior , Market Basket Analysis, Industry Earnings, Fraud detection and fraud prevention, political compliance and even feedback analysis. Why need a Big Data analyst? The exponential growth of data volume is making this problem even more difficult and merely coming to impossible to use qualitative or quantitative methods.
Remember your firm or organization needs to retain the customers, find out new patterns, and add a revenue Stream and finding the sentiment of the “customers, patients, readers, and researchers”. Contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Big Data: Information is the new Oil mind is Africa


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