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Big Data: Information is the new Oil mine in Africa

Does the big data scare or confuse you? Big Data is the act of collecting large datasets from traditional digital sources to identify trends and patterns. This information is used by small and large businesses to improve what they know about customers wants, customer behavior. The goal of big data is to make decisions based on data and after discovering of interesting patterns. Since the coming of the internet technologies like social media, emails, smart phones; people are increasingly willing to hand over their personal data in return for products or services to make your life easier even for fun and interaction.

In Africa, we are blessed with very many natural resources but mining still possesses a problem and also some minerals are not found yet. Here comes data, information is the new diamond mines in Africa but too hard analyzing structured and unstructured data like African history and stories, structure texture images that require special software to extract meaning, that volume of unstructured data is even so large for many businesses. They need to use special hardware or software , power plants, and skilled personnel. Companies use structured and unstructured data flow to build up the customer insight into the way, pretty crazy recommendation engines, data driven marketing. Now you may say, In Africa most countries are low developing, do we need big data? Yes even major online prayers like Amazon, Google, and Facebook also do businesses in Africa. These companies have data centers in Africa. Also know that big data as the word doesn’t mean it’s only big companies that need big data. Every individual, organization should note the use of analysis, volume of data, velocity speed at which the data is generated, variety the kind of data available to more data business analyzers and business owners. This makes the user experience, for typical company just a ten percent increase in data acceptability will bring in more fortune to the net income. Imagine knowing what your customer may like to buy after a given sale. Also imagine if you can predict a fraud or customer behavior, this would increase your sales.

So should you worry that your information is being passed around between large corporations? Yes, but regulated practices have been put in place about how to use the data and what datasets are made available to the public. It is nearly impossible to avoid but the fact is only point five percent of all aggregated data is analyzed and application developers limit access from context, see the applications like Nambobi, Uganda, geo, tags in social media and deal with anything you type in a search engine of document. But even with these small datasets millions of data can be gathered from a single person in a week. This data is useful to the business. Researchers and traditional analytics now need to know about the tools of big data, technical knowhow in order to make models and trends to businesses and firms in Africa. I will offer big data services to both small and large businesses to gain an overview or insight to your business like supermarket, shops, business research, real estates, manufacturing companies, health departments, and innovators. If you liked my article comment below and share.

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